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Creating relevant insurance products and marketing programs backed by a sales process that engages consumers and makes it simple and affordable to satisfy their insurance needs.   

The industry has struggled to create product relevance, backed by a sales process that engages consumers to make it simple to satisfy their needs.



By creating packaged programs leveraging technology, advances in product design and our extensive relationships, IMA’s goal is to improve the connection of insurers and distributors with the middle market. 




To combat the growing insurance gap, especially in the middle market, IMA creates innovative insurance products from the consumer’s perspective.

IMA’s team of highly experienced insurance professionals wants to break this trend.  We have formed IMA to bring together the expertise and resources to make it easier and more cost effective for the middle market to own and maintain sufficient insurance protection.



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IMA designs comprehensive programs that leverage technology to streamline the client experience, better connect insurers and distributors and optimize revenue.

Working across traditional boundaries, IMA blends together the expertise and capabilities of key players in the marketplace to optimize the creation, relevance and delivery of meaningful insurance solutions for clients.

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